PM's State Visit
Amb. Frank G. Wisner

Patron, Fiends of United States

“We want a strong India it is good for us”
We stand by India

S. Thiagarajan

Past President

Welcoming Obama

Prof. Dr. Madhav Das Nalapat

Advisor International Affairs
Editor, Sunday Guardian

R. Mohan Vice President Public Affairs

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Friend of United States

A speck of solidarity is the wheeze that bring out a torrent of humanity. The rudimentary step for erecting this target was embraced by a union of friends who allied poles apart to fathom the fear and prejudices caused at Government level. By building up the exchange of dialogues among people and collaborating in an eloquent way , it overtime benefit in improving State level relationships, cultivate and also enrich the best bilateral connections in the world.


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Dr. Moturi Satyanarayana, a member of the Constituent Assembly and Co – Founder of the Friends of USA drafted the aims and objectives to procure the feasible outcomes of the society's genesis


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