Chennai finds sister in San Antonio, Texas

After Kuala Lumpur in 2010, San Antonio in Texas is set to enter into a sister-city agreement with Chennai Corporation.

A 30-member business delegation led by the mayor of San Antonio will visit the city later this month. San Antonio is one of the most populous cities in the United States.

Many detailed project reports readied by Corporation officials have been shaped on projects implemented in San Antonio.

Efforts to restore the ecosystem in the Cooum River are likely to be based on the model adopted in the city.

A team of officials from the State had earlier visited the U.S. to study how San Antonio was restored. It was based on their report that projects such as the first nature trail with boardwalk were planned in Chennai a few years ago.

The Chennai Corporation, with the assistance of private consultants has, also prepared a detailed project report on a 1.6-km stretch of the banks of the Cooum near College Road.

The sister city agreement is likely to be an ideal platform to facilitate cooperation pertaining to environment, culture, tourism and industry in the State.

Efforts to restore Cooum River are likely to be based on the model adopted in San Antonio


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