Dr. G. Krishna Kumar

Dr. Krishna Kumar is an associate professor of medicine at Wayne State University College of Medicine. Dr. Kumar has published many articles in leading medical journals. He is the founder and President of the Parashakthi Temple. Before this divine experience, Dr.Krishna Kumar was carrying on his philanthropic activities in India and in United States quietly.

He has taken various steps to strengthen our organization and community. He was invited to Washington in Oct 2001 for further discussion and to meet with other senators and Governors He has developed relationship with the Michigan Governor and Mayor of the Pontiac City and this has helped our congregation’s goals. This certainly has given strength to our organization. Our organization’s goals are indeed dear to our community at the spiritual and economic level.

In spite of his duties as a physician, as a leader at the temple, and devoting numerous hours to the temple activities, he continues to have his deep Kundalini meditation practice every day, which has enhanced his mystical abilities. Dr. Krishna Kumar is a seer, a mystic, a theosophist, a philosopher, a philanthropist and a highly evolved soul to whom all the devotees of the Temple are very thankful.

Dr. Krishna Kumar is Temple Founder, Patron, President and spiritual director.

Dr. G. Krishna Kumar Vice President In USA
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