Justice Vijender Jain

Hon’ble Justice Vijender Jain, Former Chief Justice of Haryana & Punjab, and Delhi High Court from 1992 -2006.  Actively participated in the US – India Bilateral relationship.

Hon’ble Justice Vijender Jain started Arbitration and conducted cases of International Commercial Arbitration in London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), International Commercial Court of Arbitration, (Paris) and Dubai International Arbitration Court.

He is a member of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, Shanghai International Arbitration Centre, Dubai International Arbitration Centre and member of the Indian Council of Arbitration. He has done extensive work on Domestic and International Arbitration in the fields of Foreign Investment, Real Estate, Building & Housing Contracts, Infrastructural Contracts, disputes related to Insurance, Banking & Financial Institutions and Hospitality Industry.

Represented India in various International Conferences and also participated in the Conferences of International Law Association. Member of its Committee on Human Rights. Hony. Secretary of International Law Association, India Chapter. He was Chairman of High Court Legal Services Committee, Delhi; Executive Chairman of Delhi Legal Services Authority. He is President of Asia Pacific Jurist Association. Particularly well connected with several legal firms of USA on International law and human rights.

Contributed and participated in many International Symposium and Seminars dealing with Human Rights, Alternate Dispute Redressal mechanism, private and public international law and the applicability of International Law into the Municipal Law.

Justice Vijender Jain International Advisor Law & Legal Affairs
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