Mr. G.S. Senthil Kumar

Associated in the Friends of US for the last 15 years as Management Committee and was unanimously elected as the General Secretary in the last Executive Committee meeting.

Senthil Kumar is a PG in Management and is the Chairman & Managing Director on the board of GSR – Brand Midas Group – A group of companies in the aviation support industry specifically in Technical Services & Staffing, Retail, Food & Beverage, Airport & Airline Audits & Surveys, Training, Learning & Development, etc. The group provides employment to more than 1000+ people and are present in more than 36 airports in India. A very successful Airline top level professional having 25 years of aviation experience. Associated with reputed Airlines like Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, Go Air and CSS Corp Inc in the senior management roles.

Apart from professional background , a true extrovert , with the keen interest to reach out to the people with his charming personality.

Mr. G.S. Senthil Kumar Former General Secretary
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