Mr. Harold Beznos

Harold Beznos, Chairman of Beztak Properties. He has keen interest in the US – India Relationship and has done major contribution for the people – people relationship from the year of 1980 till date. A reputed Business man and a American Billionaire visited many times to India and Chennai to attend the US – India conclave table.

Beztak’s portfolio includes commercial, office, retail, senior living, and single-family and multifamily residential properties across the Midwest, the East, the Southeast, and the Southwest United States. Over the years, the firm has developed more than fifteen thousand residences. Currently, more than seventeen thousand residences are under property management, with more than seven hundred people employed across the country. Outside of its Michigan headquarters, Beztak has had a satellite office in Boca Raton, Florida, since the early 1980s, where the next generation of the Luptak family, Paola Luptak, lives and oversees operations. There’s an additional regional office in Tucson, Arizona.

Mr. Harold Beznos
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