Mr. M. Chakravarthy

MR.M.CHAKRAVARTHY – Highly reputed hotelier with good academic and professional qualification. Hold senior management positions for 35+ years in the hospitality industry, which includes 32 years as the Director-Operations of Four star rated Savera Hotel, the first luxury hotel of south India. Instrumental in making the group to develop chain of hotels and restaurants. Innovative, Energetic and decision making skills helped the group to venture into various other domain apart from the hospitality industry. Instrumental in increasing the turnover of the group multiple times.

Being pioneer to venture into regional-cuisine based Amaravathi Chain of Restaurants in south India, stepped into the the international market by opening franchise in Asian and African countries with additional Indian/Asian regional cuisine.

In receipt of various institutional awards for the outstanding contribution in the hospitality industry and also for the social contribution. With the social/spiritualism outlook contributed/conducted/headed various social activities. Holding the position of the secretary of the Andhra cultural organization.

Mr. M. Chakravarthy
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