Ashu Lodha

Ashu, a travel entrepreneur by profession, wears many hats. She draws a fine balance between family, work and pursuing her dreams. A keen tourer, she loves to explore new cultures and cuisines, meet new people and learn from experiences. She ideates on experiential trips rather than the touristy kinds.

Her hobbies include :
Reading, which made her an active founding member of one of the foremost Book Club’s of Chennai which has now completed 12 years.

Music & Food, which makes her a very social person always wanting to be in the company of friends and family.

Traveling, which makes her equally passionate about the business that she is in.

She has a small family comprising of husband who is in the automobile business and two sons. The older one comes with a hospitality background and the younger one with a finance and banking job.

Ashu Lodha General Secretary
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