Dr. MP Farook

Dr. Farook founded Farwood in the late 1970s, and has since led its growth, expansion and transformation to become one of India’s premier luxury interior companies today. With a family heritage that is deeply entrenched in timber production through generations of timber plantations, Farook’s passion for wood started very early. With his innate understanding of the most used natural resource in interior decoration, and his inclination to experiment and innovate, Farook was instrumental in bringing to India a number of new technologies and designs genres from around the world. In 2013, he was awarded a doctorate for his role in the introduction of the revolutionary Honeycomb technology in the manufacture of lightweight panels. This technology not only enabled the production of lighter and stronger panels, but was also eco-friendly due to its use of recycled materials and reduced dependence on precious natural wood.

As CMD, Dr. Farook continues to provide strategic direction, operational oversight, and design input to Farwood’s executive and creative teams. He resides in Chennai with his family, though often visiting client sites across India, and important industry events around the world.

Dr. MP Farook
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