History of Friend of United States

A speck of solidarity is the wheeze that bring out a torrent of humanity. The rudimentary step for erecting this target was embraced by a union of friends who allied poles apart to fathom the fear and prejudices caused at Government level. By building up the exchange of dialogues among people and collaborating in an eloquent way , it overtime benefit in improving State level relationships, cultivate and also enrich the best bilateral connections in the world.

Dr. Moturi Satyanarayana, an eminent Parliamentarian of long standing, Mr.M.Bhaktavatsalam, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr.V.C.Shukla, Mr.Vasanth Sathe and Mr.K.N.Ranganathan, an early leader in the world of informal relationships, decided to form “Friends of United States” a Non Political, non-profit, social and cultural organization and have it registered as a society. The contribution and support of Congressman Steve Solarz in supporting our “FRIENDS OF UNITED STATES” is well known to the world.

Adding on, it is a privilege to highlight the special effort taken by his excellency Mr .Robert Goheen and his successor Harry Barnes, the then U.S. Ambassadors who also extended their hands in order to put this up together.

The farewell party speech delivered by Chargé d’affaires, Mr. Al Thibault is a testimony.

The constant endeavour to increase the visibility, gain unanimity and the influence of Indians and Americans in politics and civilization is the noble objective of the society. It is emerging to be the platform that would mould and form a successful US-India bilateral partnership in all spheres.

Dr. Moturi Satyanarayana , a member of the Constituent Assembly and Co – Founder of the Friends of USA drafted the aims and objectives to procure the feasible outcomes of the society’s genesis

  • To forge people to people relationship and vitalize the bonding between the two nations.
  • To act as a bridge between NGO and social organizations of both the countries thereby enhancing their bilateral dialogue.
  • To promote cultural exchanges between the two nations.
  • This society discloses a methodology for the charity organisations of both the countries to cognise their effort put forth through the support of the associated members.
  • The various Consulates of United States of America in India are providing yeoman services to both the visiting / resident Americans and Indians traveling to the USA. In this effort, this society provides a very active and helpful forum for them to reach out to the local society.
  • The President will be elected by the executive committee members and the tenure of the President shall remain as two years. The President shall be in over all charge of the Association and General body meetings.
  • The General Secretary as advised by the executive committee shall call for all periodical meetings.
  • He/She is responsible for maintaining the minutes book and a record of all the proceedings of the meetings.
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