Mr. Prashant Tewari

The promoter of Opinion Express Group, Editorial team member of The Pioneer & Former Non-Executive Chairman at PTPL Technologies, Managing Partner Trans-Globe Advisors LLP law firm, and Chairperson of GovNext India Foundation.

Prashant Tewari is B.Com, MPA, and MBA from top Universities; he has tremendous work exposure in both the public and private sectors. He is a seasoned journo entrepreneur with over two decades of varied experience. He has interviewed the various heads of state, President, Prime Minister, M.P’s. Senators, Mayors, and public figures all across the globe. He was awarded the “Global Journalist Award” in the Media Category, given out by the various government and quasi-government agencies for promoting bilateral ties between countries and continents. He is extremely active in Politics, he has advised former Prime Ministers of India and Prime Minister of Mauritius on critical governance issues. The concept of e-governance and community development are his core specialty subjects wherein his role is applauded throughout the world.

He is working closely with the leading investors from the USA, Europe, Japan, India, and the Middle East in Media, Technology, Energy, Education, and Real Estate sectors. Prashant has promoted PTPL Technologies in the past, manufacturer of phones & tablet PC. PTPL has tied up with BSNL, FT, MT, MTN to offer co-branded mobility devices globally. PTPL with RIL-supported KT & CDAC has delivered VAS (education & healthcare) on telecom networks globally.

Prashant is promoting General Consulting & Legal firm – Trans Globe Advisors LLP. The firm is advised by legendary Dr Hansraj Bharadwaj former Law Minister of India, prominent Eminent Jurists and top professionals in various sectors. It is having a large client base of prominent Indian corporate houses and MNC’s.

To consolidate his global vision, GovNext India Foundation is set up to bridge the gap between the government and its aspiration people seeking a better life by leveraging technology to govern effectively. It is a philanthropic idea to train the trainer (“trainer”- the mammoth government machinery at the lowest level) to deliver effective and honest governance. GovNext India Foundation envisages the acquisition of universities with a focus on cutting-edge technology.

Prashant Tewari

Chairman & Managing Director

Opinion Express Group

Mr. Prashant Tewari Working President
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